The world's first workplace role blockchain game

The player's game assets
(game players’ occupational cards)
are stored on the blockchain to ensure tamper resistance for assets.

Job Tribes is committed to building a virtual economy that spans multiple games by giving the game assets a steady flow of value, maximizing the benefits of premium games (publishers, creators) and each player. Job Tribes follows the most basic social principles of equality, freedom, competition, resource sharing, etc., using the Internet and blockchain technology to build a new game industry ecology.

A cross-game ecosystem

Job Tribes will serve as the foundation of the game ecosystem, giving birth to more interesting games. The official will continue to develop various games and applications with various game creators. This type of game not only serves as the professional card DEA asset of Job Tribes, but also provides value-added services to players who hold Job Tribes occupational cards, and expands the application range of Job Tribes DEA, thus greatly enhancing the application value of Job Tribes DEA. The core value of Job Tribes holders is guaranteed. At the same time, based on NEP5, a cross-game ecosystem will be built.